If you have any broken panes, we can reglaze these while we are working on your windows and doors.


If you live near a busy street, then why not consider noise reducing glass. There are 3 popular grades of acoustic glass:



• 6.8mm (light noise)

• 8.5mm (Loud noise)

• 10.5mm (Extremely Noisy)


If your sash window frames or sills are suffering from rot we can offer varying techniques to solve these problems. We pride ourselves on our quality service and high standards of work. We take great care in preparing the windows and doors for all our services to ensure the longevity of the work carried out.

During renovation, we will strip the windows and doors back to the bare wood where necessary, repair frames, replace cords, recalibrate weights, install draught excluders and redecorate to leave you with windows that are smart and easy to operate, with substantially reduced heat loss and external noise. For over 40 years we have been satisfying customers by giving sash and casement windows a new lease of life.